Committee Structure

The NLICA committees formally meet for two hours prior to the State Convention in January and at other times, as scheduled by the chairmen. The first 30 minutes of the January meeting is set for committees to meet individually and then the meeting is run as an open forum. All members of NLICA are encouraged to attend this forum to bring in new ideas, or to better understand what is happening within the association. The Open Forum is run by President or Vice-President.

Committees and Chairmen

Area Workshop/Contractor Meetings

Steve Kriewald
Matt Pruss
Jon Wurtele


Benita Adams
Renee Lashely
Patti McArdle


Tony Rasmussen


Norma Lashley
All Area Directors


Ted Lashley
Ken Porter
Keith Samuelson
Darrel Stromer
Rick Vlach

Long-Term Planning

Jim Wemhoff
All Past Presidents


Todd Harders
Rod Hooker
Charley Lloyd


Ray Cooney
Harry Hauschild
Paul Janda
All NLICA members


Jim Pruss
Tony Rasmussen
Jim Wemhoff


Tim Jensen
Vern Krivanek
Jordan Spaulding