NLICA Policies



May 11, 2013 Discussion was held regarding a new website. Motion was made by M. Adams to pay The Dickens Company $2500. to develop a new website; seconded D. Colgrove; motion carried. President: Norma Lashley
January 17, 2013 NLICA dues structure revised with motion made by K. Porter; Seconded D. Stromer; carried. President Jim Wemhoff  Revised structure to be:

Business Gross Annual Income Dues
$0 to $200,000 $235.00
$200,000-$350,000 $365.00
$350,000 and above $500.00
January 19, 2012 Discussion held on revising area districts as discussed in Nov. meeting. J. Wurtele made motion to reduce the eight areas to six and add three members at large; seconded; D. Lovewell  motion carried. President: Jim Wemhoff
By law change: Area VII and Area VIII were consolidated with Area V.Area V Director G. Wolfe sold his business and resigned from the board. Area VII Director D. Stienmetz agreed to become a director at large. Area VIII Director T. Lashley will become Director of Area V.
September 10, 2011 Decision was made to increase cost of display booths at convention from $150 to $175. President: Jim Wemhoff
May 7, 2011 A motion was made by T. Lashley to increase allotted cost to $200 for an area contractor meeting; seconded W. Nelson; motion carried. President: Jim Wemhoff
January 20, 2011 A motion was made by H. Hauschild to retain Keigher/Rasmussen for 2012 at the same rate as 2011; seconded D. Stromer; motion. carried. President: Lawrence Fischer
R. Vlach made the motion to raise the convention registration fee to $105 for early registration and $125 for late registrations; seconded J. Bodwell; motion carried. President: Lawrence Fischer
$13,655 was made on the 2011 auction. It was recommended, by R. Vlach, that the auction money be moved to a money market fund so it would be available when needed for operating capital. J. Bodwell made the motion to put the auction money in the money market; seconded J. Wemhoff; motion carried. President: Lawrence Fischer
September 11, 2010 W. Nelson made the motion to take $10,038.02 from CD and transfer to general fund for expenses; seconded C. Lloyd; motion carried. NOTE: Patty left $1000. in account to keep it open. President: Lawrence Fischer
January 21, 2010 In order to conduct business at regular board meetings a motion was made by J. Wurtele to change the wording in Article II of the NLICA Bylaws; seconded D. Stienmetz; motion carried. Delete: Twenty members shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business at any regular or special meeting. Change to: A majority of the members present will determine transaction of business at any regular or special meeting. President Lawrence Fischer
A motion was made by D. Stienmetz for auction income to be distributed between the scholarship, legislative and promotional accounts for the association; seconded W. Nelson; motion carried. President Lawrence Fischer
January 19, 2010 Motion was made by T. Lashley to sign the agreement for an educational exhibit at the Nebraska Nature and Visitors Center; seconded M. Adams; motion carried. Cost $2500. a year for three years. President Lawrence Fischer
July 12, 2009 Convention: B. McArdle made the motion to spend up to $2500. in order to get good entertainment; seconded Mary Wemhoff; motion carried. President: Lawrence Fischer
Motion was made by Ted Lashley to cash CD #9178 and 13112, when they are due, put $5,000. into general fund and place the remaining balance into a new CD in order to consolidate CDs and add to the balance of the general fund; seconded Brad McArdle; motion carried. President: Lawrence Fischer
Motion was made by Merle Adams to place $27,000.00 of the Jan. convention auction money into the scholarship fund; seconded Rod Hooker; motion carried. President: Lawrence Fischer
March 21, 2009 Motion was made by Jon Wurtele that a member must belong to the association for two years before the scholarship eligibility would take effect; seconded J. Wemhoff; motion carried. President: Lawrence Fischer
January 22, 2009 Annual meeting: D. Stromer made the motion to set aside $5000. for the promotion of NLICA; seconded W. Nelson. President: Charley Lloyd
Signed second MOU with NRCS. President: Larry Fischer
November 1, 2008 L. Fischer made the motion that the association pay up to $800.00 to cover costs of the President’s reception at the convention; seconded T. Lashley; motion carried. President: Charley Lloyd
January 17, 2008 NLICA made $13,196.50 on annual auction. Motion made to put entire amount into scholarship fund. Motion made by H. Hauschild to increase the scholarship amount from $500 to $1000; seconded K. Porter; motion carried. President: Charley Lloyd
J.Wemhoff made the motion to pay $4000 for legislative contract with Keigher/Rasmussen; seconded J. Bodwell; motion carried. President: Charley Lloyd
September 15, 2007 Nebraska LICA made $10,042.28 on national summer meeting held July 2007 in Omaha, Ne. Rick Vlach made the motion to start a second scholarship fund account with $5,000. and add $20,000. to CD #11754; seconded Gary Wolfe; motion carried. This is to reduce the amount in the general checking account in order to gain interest. President: Charley Lloyd
July 20, 2007 Motion was made by Rick Vlach to start a second NLICA scholarship with criteria following national LICA guidelines in order to make the money available to more students of NLICA members; seconded Duane Colgrove; motion carried. President: Charley Lloyd
March 24, 2007 Delete the criteria line of “must be a person studying heavy equipment contracting work or conservation work that can be used in the state of Nebraska” from the scholarship form. Leave it open so all students of members can apply. President: Charley Lloyd NOTE: Not approved by Mary Riley. Further discussion needed.
January 18, 2007 $6,615. profit was made on convention auction. $2000. to go to the scholarship fund, balance to General Fund. President: Brad McArdle
Names of Dirk Riniker, Penny Hughs and Patti McArdle to be on Reg. VI account in Arkansas City, KS. President: Brad McArdle
July 9, 2006 Motion for $35 memorial sent to any NLICA member in loss of an immediate family member. President: Brad McArdle
March 25, 2006 Transfer NLICA Treasury accounts to Five Points Bank in Grand Island. Signatures: Patty Hooker, Rick Vlach President: Brad McArdle
January 19, 2006 Authorization for Executive Committee to make decisions regarding investments for the association. President Brad McArdle
Increase convention registration $5.00 to cover rising costs. President Brad McArdle
January 17, 2006 Allow association credit card for Executive Director. President Brad McArdle
March 5, 2005 Agreement to spend up to $100 for a meeting room if necessary to have meetings in different locations. President: Brad McArdle
January 20, 2005 Signing of MOU with the NRCS for TSP. President Rick Vlach
January 18, 2005 Purchase of copy machine for Executive Director. President Rick Vlach
May 22, 2004 W/C policy to be taken out on Executive Director. President Rick Vlach
January 15, 2004 Motion for association to pay for four people to attend the Washington D.C. lobbying effort. President: Rick Vlach
Endorsement of Harry Hauschild for National LICA Vice-President. President: Rick Vlach
July 27, 2003 Motion made to purchase a web site for NLICA through New Jersey provider, as set up thru national. President: Rick Vlach
May 31, 2003 Motion made to send memorials to only a current board member for loss of spouse, child or parent. President: Rick Vlach
January 16, 2003 Name of scholarship fund to be “NLICA Scholarship Fund” no personal name be in title. President West MaloneMotion to proceed with NRCS to write MOU for TSP.
September 28, 2002 Motion to accept scholarship criteria as written. President: Wes Malone
January 17, 2002 Raise $25 memorial sent for NLICA members to $35. President Wes Malone$100 cash for 4-H recipient in place of a bond.$500 increments for scholarship fund.
September 22, 2001 $250. approved to send to national for LICA to accumulate $1000 for the Red Cross for 9/11 attacks. President: Wes Malone
March 21, 2001 Allow purchase of computer for Executive Director. President Wes Malone
May 6, 2000 Motion to reduce the number of NLICA committees to create more efficiency among committee member. President: Ken Porter
October 30, 1999 $3000. approved to purchase membership plaques to replace certificate stickers. President: Ken Porter
February 27, 1999 $1600 allowance for two NLICA representatives to attend Washington DC lobbying effort. President Ken Porter
January 21, 1999 Hire Dennis Rasmussen as Legislative Consultant. President Jim Pruss
September 19, 1998 Hire new Executive Director Patti McArdle. President Jim Pruss
January 20, 1998 Allow Directors $100 expense money for cost of Area Meetings. President Jim Pruss